We’d love to partner with you to help get great books into the hands of kids, as well as help you with your fundraising needs. Please scroll down to see all our options, and click “Contact” in the menu above if you’d like more information.

Reach for the Stars!! Reading Incentive Program

This program is designed to help develop awesome reading habits, and reward kids with new books of their own! Students log their minutes during the two-week challenge to achieve prizes, and also ask friends & family to make donations that are redeemed as NEW BOOKS for the student sponsored and for their school/classroom, if also arranged to benefit the school!!

Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

Cards for a Cause allows you to raise funds for an organization you care about, a family in need, your favorite team, a club, etc. Participants sell beautiful keepsake boxes of 30 gorgeously detailed greeting cards and matching envelopes and receive up to 43% of the sales amount in cash!! 

Choose from two All-Occasion Boxes, Thanks & Blanks Box, Kids Birthday Box, and the Holiday Box (which comes with 50 cards for a variety of holidays & 50 white envelopes). Cards are easily comparable to $4-5 cards from the local store, so they save time & money Рall while supporting a cause you care about! 

Book Drives

Raise money for brand new FREE BOOKS for your favorite children’s program! Once donations reach $250, we are able to take advantage of the Literacy for a Lifetime grant-matching program to match donations by 50% – so $400 donated becomes $600 in brand new FREE BOOKS!

Literacy for a Lifetime

Literacy for a Lifetime is a grant matching program which allows grants/donations made toward books for a school or children’s program by businesses, foundations, and even personal donors to be increased by 50%. So donations totaling $1000 would result in $1500 in new books from Usborne Books & More!